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20 Healthy Holiday Recipes

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Now you can provide healthy alternatives for family and friends with dietary restrictions over the Christmas holiday with my FREE Christmas Recipe Book. Each recipe follows the Paleo lifestyle and is free of gluten, corn, grain, refined sugar, dairy, egg, and nightshade ingredients.

As we get closer to all the end of year festivities, we make plans for friends and family from far and near to drop by, linger a little longer, and exchange tasty treats. Southern hospitality dictates that we offer a warm cup of comfort and something to share as we catch up on old times. These days we are finding, more often than not, that some of our near and dear are experiencing concerns about their health and have special dietary needs.

Accommodating the ones we love with special dietary restrictions can be confusing and frustrating, especially during the holidays when old family recipes are far from being free from this, that, and the other!

In order to help you make everyone feel welcomed and heard in regards to their special dietary needs, I have created a healthy holiday recipe book. This special FREE Christmas Recipe Book contains Paleo versions of all the traditional holiday fares, from appetizers to desserts. There are 20 recipes in the book, including:

  • 3 warm drinks

  • 3 appetizers

  • 3 salads

  • My delicious Butternut Squash Soup

  • 3 sides

  • 3 main dishes

  • 4 desserts

Pick and Choose

Some of these recipes are easy with a few ingredients and some are a little more advanced with more specialized ingredients. Each recipe includes an ingredient list, nutritional values, detailed instructions, and special notes for alternatives and substitutions.

While you absolutely do not need to master each of these creations on Christmas Day, my hope is that you will find exactly the recipe you are looking for that certain someone in your life.

Click the button to grab your FREE copy of the 2022 Christmas Recipe Book containing 20 Paleo versions of all your favorite holiday drinks, appetizers, salads, sides, main dishes and desserts now!

Please comment below and let me know which recipe(s) you made and if there are any family recipes you would like me to include next time. Have a blessed Christmas holiday!

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