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Trust Your Gut

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

You ever have a gut feeling or listen to your inner voice – that still, quiet feeling or voice within one, pushing or pulling us into our thoughts and feelings?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Trust your gut,” right? Our gut has a lot to say, about ourselves, others, and the world around us.

But how does it feel when someone tells you that what you believe to be true is all made up in your own head? Have you been told this before? I’ve been there!

There was a time when I struggled for months without end with hives over 80% of my body called chronic urticaria. I went to various doctors, had multitudes of tests run, took enough antihistamines and steroid meds to medicate a horse with no end in sight.

All these doctors were doing was treating my symptom, albeit unbearable, but none would listen to the fact that I was able to determine a pattern through the pain. The hives were cyclical and directly tied to my hormones.

Your intuition is your superpower!

I mentioned this fact to one of the best endocrinologists in Houston and because he himself hadn’t heard of or made this correlation before, that must not be the cause.

An allergist and an internist both told me that I was taking all the medications I possibly could and if I would “just calm down” then the hives would go away, that ~I~ was causing the hives by being “hysterical!” Yes, they actually told me I needed to see a psychiatrist!

It took thousands of dollars of tests and EIGHT to TEN doctors for me to finally find an allergist who took the time to listen to my intuition, to give credence to my gut instinct. My gut was telling me that my body was attacking itself from the inside out, I just needed to find someone who would help me investigate, to help me find the root cause of my illness.

What would you say if I told you that we each have our own gut instincts? Some of us are just a little more “in tune” with that inner voice. My prayer is that you can take some time, maybe only three days but preferably at least five, to slow down so that you can listen and hear what your body’s intuition is saying to you.

I’ve created a FREE self-analysis guide called Kickstart Your Health that includes three to five days’ worth of health and wellness tracking, along with a self-test for you to determine where you fall on the Health Mindset spectrum.

You may be surprised to learn that you’re listening better than you thought, or you may learn that you’ve got to start listening a little better so that you can begin trusting that still, small voice within you.

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